Didi the Dragon Video

Polly the Collie Video

Give your students the gift of English

As a teacher, you naturally want your students to have the best educational experiences available. The Didi and Polly English course was developed specifically for teaching young children in group settings. Using a wide range of tools such as music CDs, animated videos, and activity books, specially trained English teachers create an encouraging environment conducive to acquiring new skills. For an hour each week, the children are immersed in an environment where only English is spoken and heard.

“Polly the Collie lessons encourage the children to work together in a group. They love to play the games, they love being active, but when we focus on the toys, and on Polly and on the English itself, they’re always really attentive” Jan Marie Mueller, Didi and Polly teacher, Germany

Become a Didi and Polly teacher

Teachers can look forward to an extremely rich and rewarding experience teaching both Didi the Dragon and Polly the Collie for large groups. Teachers will benefit just as much as the children from the up-beat stories, loveable animation, lively music and songs in different styles and tempos, plus fun, easily choreographed movements. Teachers also enjoy clear-cut, well organized pedagogic guidelines for teaching the courses

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