Didi the Dragon Video

Polly the Collie Video

Learning languages at a young age expands the mind!

As a parent, you want the best learning experience for your child. The Polly the Collie and Didi the Dragon English courses are specially designed for learning English in the pre-primary group setting. Through song, play, storytelling, and fun activities, young children learn English effortlessly with the gentle encouragement of teachers trained in our unique method.

Your child continues to learn at home with the DVDs, CDs, activity books, animated videos, and downloadable illustrated texts that come with the course material. The exposure to English through multiple kinds of media throughout the week enhances long lasting retention and absorption of new words and language structure.

A word about the added benefits of singing: Children love to sing naturally. In addition to enabling them to express their musical and rhythmic capabilities, song is a great way to encourage children to develop emotional skills and experience a sense of belonging to a group. And you too will love our songs and music!

Four years of English learning in pre-school, and kindergartens

Each of these levels is autonomous – that means that one set is not dependent on having learnt with a previous learning set.

Four years of learning: