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Q: What is the right age for my child to learned a second language?

A: Now! It is never too early. But it can be too late! Up to the age of 7 is a unique window of opportunity to learn English. This opportunity will never return. All research today indicates that children can learn any number of languages up to the age of 7 if these languages are presented in a systematic interactive fun manner. Didi and Polly Courses offer 4 years of fun, but pedagogically solid learning of English.

Q: How is Didi and Polly different from other courses?

A: Didi and Polly songs and activities provide children with English language learning enhanced in 3 ways: aural, kinesthetic and visual experiences. This ensures a whole-brain approach for better all-around learning. Children learn, sing, repeat, and recite stories from kindergarten books and play kindergarten games using original songs in English that are alive with a variety of tempos and styles that children really enjoy. With video material, outstanding music and songs, stories, drama, games, and more, all with teachers especially trained for teaching with Didi and Polly – there is no parallel.

Q: How can you motivate kindergarteners to lean a new language?

A: All children are naturally motivated to learn and possess a curiosity of the world. Didi and Polly learning materials are specially designed to stimulate children's brains in language acquisition though a unique kindergarten curriculum that motivates learning in an enjoyable way - so that it becomes a natural part of their lives. Repeated hearing and positive reinforcement of our quality learning materials and Kindergarten worksheets have shown proven results in kindergartens and pre-schools around the world.

Q: Where do Didi and Polly teachers come from and are they experienced?

A: Our teachers are well respected professionals, expertly qualified to provide young students with instruction, guidance, support and motivation. They have undergone our special Teacher Training programme to become certified as Didi and Polly teachers and are considered to be the "best of the best" in early education worldwide.

Q. What if my child enters a class that has done the programme the previous year?

A. The series is built so that each of the courses introduces new material based on familiar characters but can stand alone.


The special kindergarten curriculum covered with the Didi and Polly course materials offers high quality kindergarten activities and specially designed kindergarten games. We have also developed proprietary Kindergarten books, and pedagogically proven support materials such as Kindergarten worksheets to assist both parents and teachers in providing the best English as a second language enrichment for children.