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Kids don’t want to miss even a week of Helen Doron English. 

So we’ve created a variety of Helen Doron Early English Holiday Courses. Some courses are just for fun to improve participants’ spoken English, while others are fun, but intensive, catch-up or get-ahead courses for children already learning English in school.

Courses are short and designed for holiday intervals during the school year and summer break time. Course activities include drama, music, dance, crafts and more ─ all in English.

Holiday Courses are suitable for already enrolled Helen Doron students or students new to Helen Doron English programmes.

Helen Doron Holiday Courses

Holiday Fun with Flupe – (ages 3-7) Children learn and practise English with animated episodes of Fun with Flupe with lots of fun games, songs and crafts in English.


Holiday Jump with Joey – (ages 6-9) Children learn and practise English as they follow the animated adventures of Joey, Kangi, Millie and Paul.


Polly Holiday – (ages 4-8) Four animated episodes with Polly and Nat include games, songs and activities, all in English.

I am the World – (ages 4-9) Children go on a virtual trip around the world through arts & crafts, drama, games, dancing and cooking, all in English.


English through Drama – (ages 7-12) Children learn and practise spoken English by presenting a classic fairytale in the style of British pantomime, with wild costumes and slapstick humour.HDE_Drama_Holiday_Set_Learning_Set_Image_29_07_15_A_1

Get Ahead & Catch Up – (ages 8-19) For students already studying English, this course keeps their skills strong over the school holidays. The intensive review uses materials from several learning sets.

Paul Ward’s Holiday – (ages 10-12) Paul Ward and his friends guide students through a series of English lessons. Kids learn interesting details about nearly 20 countries around the world.



Paul Ward’s Holiday

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