Helen Doron PLUS Programme

With the Helen Doron PLUS programme, your child benefits from 35 years of educational excellence.

Helen Doron PLUS is a special, comprehensive programme including a variety of subjects learnt through the unique joyful methodology — all in English!

Children benefit from the highest educational standards, giving them the very best start to ensure they fulfil their potential!

Two types of programmes that parents can choose from:

Playgroup, for children ages 1 – 4 accompanied by their parents.

Childcare, for children ages 2 – 6 without parents.


  • The earlier, the better for learning a second language just like an
    additional mother tongue — naturally and joyfully!
  • Children who learn more than one language are more creative and
    mentally flexible.
  • Grammar and phonics are absorbed easily.
  • With original songs, games, lots of conversation and interaction,
    learning English is fun!

  • Hands-on learning and turning real-life experiences into understanding Maths.
  • Learning Maths is fun, interactive and effortless, bringing movement, music,
    puzzles and activities into the classroom.
  • Based on a proven methodology, encourages children to develop their
    natural mathematical thinking, confidence and leadership skills.

  • An active body is a learning body!
  • Improves flexibility, body strength, balance and relaxation using techniques
    from dance, yoga, martial arts, and more to enhance language learning.
  • The combination of movement and learning taught in Helen Doron PLUS builds
    brain connections and plants the seeds for mental growth and development.

  • Designed to enhance children’s psychomotor and social skills.
  • Play-based, hands-on learning environment and curriculum encourages creativity and
    allows children to satisfy their curiosity and take initiative.
  • Provides a reassuring environment to enhance communication skills.
  • According to age and developmental stage, all activities are designed to improve your child’s fine motor skills
    and sharpen problem-solving abilities, but most importantly, boost their self-esteem while having fun!

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Stimulating. Educating. Entertaining.

The programme combines years of successes from Helen Doron English, as well as some of the coursework from Helen Doron Kindergartens, so the students experience a professional, rich, curriculum including:

Helen Doron English


Ready Steady Move

Arts & Crafts


Fun activities to develop fine motor and social skills

Group 3315
Younger children enjoy learning in a safe environment, accompanied by their parents.
The part-time curriculum combines years of successes from Helen Doron English,
as well as some of the coursework from Helen Doron Kindergartens,
so the students benefit from a professional and varied programme.

Student Age
1 to 4 Years

Number of Days
2 to 3 times weekly

Day Length
2 to 3 hours daily

Parents participation


With the Helen Doron PLUS full-time programme, the sky is the limit for reaching your child’s potential.
Your child will happily and naturally learn to express their own ideas, make friends,
share, cooperate and have a great time learning English, Maths, movement
and more — through fun learning activities and games.

Student Age
2 to 6 Years

Number of Days
1 to 5 times weekly

Day Length
3 to 8 hours daily

Parents participation