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How Polly the Collie works

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The HOP! Channel has announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Helen Doron Group to produce and broadcast two new television series designed to introduce English to kindergarten-age children.

HOP! the popular television channel for preschoolers, is expanding its current range of enrichment programs to include two new series designed to introduce children to the basics of English. To facilitate this, HOP! has signed a cooperation agreement with the Helen Doron Group, a recognized leader in the field of teaching English to preschoolers. The channel will produce two new educational programs in conjunction with the Helen Doron Group: the first aims to teach its young viewers the building blocks of English through enjoyable, learn-through-play methodology in a series called “Polly the Collie”; and the second, entitled “Ready-Steady-Move,” places its emphasis on movement and furthering the healthy physical development of the child. “We view television as a tool to disseminate top-level educational messages, giving equal opportunity to children and families from all sectors and economic levels of the population. This motivates us to produce and broadcast more and more quality content, in addition to Hebrew language study, preparation for first grade, arithmetic etc., which are currently aired on the HOP! Channel. We will be adding additional content that will introduce our young viewers to the English language. We have no pretentions of teaching English, but we definitely see the value of exposing young children to the basics and sounds of English, and are convinced that it will serve them well later in life.”
(Tamir Paul, Joint CEO of the HOP! Channel)


The HOP! Channel is a leading Israeli broadcasting station with original Hebrew content, catering exclusively to ages 2-8, and airs daily between 5:00-20:00. The channel is included in all basic packages of Israeli cable and satellite companies and is accessible to approximately 1,400,000 households. HOP! is the only channel in Israel that accords preschoolers all the facilities to learn, understand, enjoy and – most important of all – to develop in good hands, via choice educational programs from Israel and abroad, with an emphasis on creative activities for the children, together with respect for Israeli culture and Jewish heritage.
The Helen Doron Group serves children and youth around the world through many uniquely inspired enrichment programs that provide quality age-appropriate learning enhancement and social development. Since 1985, the company has been creating exciting learning programs designed to bring out the very best in each individual child through encouragement and fun, while upholding high standards of academic excellence. Currently the Helen Doron Group has close to 500 Learning Centres worldwide in more than 25 countries.