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    When to Start Learning English?

    Before they are ready to speak, infants are absorbing the sounds and intonations they will need to form words.

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    Entertaining extra-curricular activities help kids improve their English outside the classroom.

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Ages 0 – 3

A person’s capacity is shaped not just from their genetic makeup, but from extremely early brain stimulation that leads to the creation of neural pathways. Introducing a second language to children as early as possible is the best way to add these neural pathways and increase their capacity for intellectual development. When comparing bilingual and monolingual children, bilingual children often outperform their monolingual peers.

Baby’s Best Start

Baby’s Best Start lays the foundation with spoken English learned through developmental activities, songs and rhymes for infants ages 3 months to 2 years.

Baby’s Best Start is 7 courses in one:

  • English
  • Social development
  • Pre-reading skills
  • Music and rhythm
  • Brain development
  • Baby signs
  • Physical development

Courses are conducted in small groups of parent-child pairs either once or twice a week. The perfect opportunity to bond with your infant!


Baby’s Best Start Learning Set

(some countries may use downloads instead of CD’s)


Toddler’s Best Start

Children ages 15 months to 3 years learn spoken English through lots of playful rhymes and 28 original songs with musical styles from around the world. Filled with classroom conversations, fun learning activities and games, this course teaches some fascinating encyclopaedic knowledge, develops fine and gross motor skills as well as early mathematical thinking. In addition, the course offers optional early reading activities.


Toddler’s Best Start Learning Set

(some countries may use downloads instead of CDs)

It’s a Baby Dragon

For young learners ages 2 to 4 years, It’s a Baby Dragon is a joyful, musical introduction to English.
Sam, the prince, Fluffy, the cat and Didi, the dragon playfully introduce very basic English language. Children learn to speak easily and naturally while learning to speak their mother tongue. It’s a Baby Dragon is appropriate as both a beginner’s course for new toddler students or as a follow-up course to children who have completed Baby’s Best Start.

Learning Set_Baby DragonIt’s a Baby Dragon Learning Set

(some countries may use downloads instead of CD’s)




Research Shows the Earlier the Better

Learn, Develop, Bond

A Perfect Age to Start

English through Song


“My daughter was one year and two months old when she started with Helen Doron. For us, it was the perfect age to begin. She loves her teacher and her lessons.”  

Franchesca Coramusi, Parent

“Surfing on the internet I was looking for something special for my son and I found this wonderful approach.”  

Maria Perri, Parent


Engaging Cartoons teach Vocabulary

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