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Helen Doron – World Leader in the ESL (English as a Second Language) Industry

30 years ago Linguist and educator, Helen Doron revolutionized teaching English as a foreign language to young kids by developing a method that imitates the way in which babies learn their mother tongue. Today, Helen Doron English is an international franchise network in over 35 countries. Two million children speak English today thanks to Helen Doron.

How it all started

It all began with a violin lesson. Helen Doron, a British linguist, signed up her four year old daughter to learn violin from an instructor teaching the Suzuki Method. She was impressed with the method and its success and was inspired by its principles when developing her own method for teaching English to young children.

The Language of Music

Thus began the international success story of Helen Doron English. In 1985, Helen Doron, set out to create her own teaching materials to help children understand and speak English. She understood that reading and writing are different skills from understanding and speaking. Yet in schools, teachers only knew how to teach language through reading and writing. Helen Doron’s breakthrough methodology allowed children to learn to speak and understand English before learning to read and write – just as they would do in their mother tongue.

Even babies could learn English with the Helen Doron Method. She designed her first course for early English education based on the principles of positive reinforcement and repeated hearing. She created homemade recordings of songs, rhymes and stories and began teaching in her neighbourhood in Northern Israel. The results were amazing. Helen’s method of teaching English created a nurturing environment that mimicked the natural process of learning a mother tongue. Kids loved it! Lessons were fun and lively, and they stimulated the emotional, physical, creative and intellectual well-being of the young students.

Based on this initial success, Helen continued to develop teaching materials and began training other teachers to use her exclusive methodology. Over the years, Helen Doron English has expanded from the original programme targeting young children to include age-appropriate courses for babies 3 months old to teenagers up to 19 years of age.

Helen Doron English Worldwide

In 1995, the Helen Doron English Method was introduced to Europe in Austria and then Germany. In 1998, the franchise business model was adopted and Helen Doron English Learning Centres began popping up throughout Europe. Recently, Helen Doron English has expanded into China, Southeast Asia, and South and Latin Americas.

Helen’s passion was, and still remains today, maximizing the learning capabilities of children of all ages, and to producing best-in-class learning programmes for them. Helen and her development teams continue to pioneer learning through emotional, physical, creative and intellectual growth. Helen Doron Kindergartens are the newest innovation and a successful model for educational programming.

Nearly two million children have learned English with the Helen Doron Method and have benefited from Helen’s ongoing dedication to excellence in education.

  • More than 2 million children have learnt English with our spiral learning based methodology

Mother-Tongue Methodology

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Four principles, great courseware and devoted teachers – that’s the Helen Doron Methodology

All Helen Doron English courses, no matter what age they were designed for, are based on four basic principles that contribute to the method’s unquestionable success.

Four Principles of Helen Doron English

Repeated hearing. A central component of Helen Doron English is background hearing the designated CD or audio tracks at home, optimally twice daily for 15-25 minutes each time. This provides the ongoing exposure to English that is so important at young ages. CDs with original songs and stories composed especially for Helen Doron English are part of the Student Learning Sets provided when you sign your child up for a Helen Doron English course.

Positive reinforcement. When your child said his first word, you showed your delight; this positive feedback encouraged your child to continue saying that word and go on to new words. With Helen Doron English, children learn in the same manner as they to their native language—with loads of positive reinforcement. Helen Doron teachers provide this positive encouragement in the classroom.

Small group learning. Helen Doron English courses are taught in small groups from 4-8 students. This permits the best of both worlds. On one hand, students enjoy the advantage of group interaction as opposed to private tutoring. On the other hand, small groups allow for personal attention and plenty of practice in English. Research has shown that small group learning brings better results than private classes.

Make learning fun.The Helen Doron teaching method takes into account children’s unique learning styles and uses games, movement, music and lots of fun to maximize kids’ natural love of learning and tendency to absorb languages. Whether aged 3 months or 19 years, children and youth enjoy our lessons which are highly structured, yet fun and dynamic at all times.

Devoted Teachers

Helen Doron English is extremely proud of its professional, dedicated teaching staff. All Helen Doron teachers pass a rigorous training course where they learn the methodology in detail and are trained to use our proprietary learning materials. We find that once they have taken this course, our teachers become passionate believers in the method and extremely devoted to making sure that every kid gets the most out of the lessons. Their enthusiasm naturally rubs off on the kids who can’t wait for the next lesson to begin.

Best in Industry Courseware

All Helen Doron English programmes—from Baby’s Best Start for infants to Teen English for teens up to 19 years—are developed in-house under the direction of Helen Doron herself. The development teams consist of experts in linguistics, EFL (English as a foreign language) and child development. All stories, songs, and animations are composed and produced especially for Helen Doron English to correspond with vocabulary appropriate to each specific course. Likewise, all activities and games are designed to provide students with a challenging, yet fun experience while facilitating vocabulary retention.

  • “Just as babies and infants learn their mother tongue by hearing words, sentences, songs and stories over and over again from the people around them, so children can learn a foreign language using this same natural technique.”

    Helen Doron on how infants learn to speak
  • “Parents often ask: what is the main difference between the Helen Doron Methodology and others who are teaching English as a foreign language to kids? The answer is experience.”

    Helen Doron on success of her methodology
  • Helen Doron was among the very first to understand that very young children can absorb a foreign language as easily and effortlessly as they do their mother tongue. As a result, she was the first to develop programmes for doing this in a systematic manner.

    Helen Doron - pioneer in teaching English to children
  • “I believe that the Helen Doron methodology is groundbreaking as it supports the natural desire of children for knowledge and allows them not just to acquire the English language but to become gorgeous knowledgeable human beings.”


    Veneta, Helen Doron Teacher Trainer since 2011


Mother-Tongue Methodology

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