Ways to Improve Writing Skills Through Reading

http://www.helendoron.com/youngheroes2018/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/ChildWriting.jpgWays to Improve Writing Skills Through Reading

Reading goes hand in hand with writing. They are both learned at the exact same time. The skills for one transfers over to the other. But after students start entering the third grade and beyond, they are no longer writing by copying words or sentences out of workbooks. They are having to think for themselves and create both fiction and nonfiction text.

There are ways to use your reading skills to improve your overall writing as both a student and as an adult. You or your child may not have the dream of being a published writer someday, but that doesn’t mean that being able to express yourself through your writing is not an important thing. People that cannot write well with formatted sentences with punctuation and correct spellings are often looked at as less intelligent. Below are a few ways to improve the writing skills of a student or an adult that won’t leave you feeling frustrated.

Copying the Works of Others
Great writers rarely happen overnight. The amount of time they put in to their craft is usually immense. It takes years to become an overnight sensation. And many of the best writers would try to duplicate and copy the work of their favorite writers.

It is a concept that writers use frequently. They read a book or two from a certain author and then they want to be able to write just like them. One way to do that is through the practice of copywork. They either write or type out page after page of the book until the end. Once they finish, they know more about the author’s style because they painstakingly transcribed word after word. Many famous authors have done exactly this. They read a book and love it so much that they write the whole book out so they can understand how the author works better. Jack London, author of The Call of the Wild, White Fang, and other popular books, did this.
frequently with the works of others. The practice of copywork uses your reading skills to make you a better writer.

Borrow Ideas
Have you ever read a book and in the middle of it, it veers off in one direction when you thought it was going to completely go somewhere else? Or perhaps you loved a book so much except for a few small things here and there that you would have changed. These are two ways to create ideas for your story or book. Maybe you enjoyed Harry Potter, but would like the main character to be a girl. And instead of the girl being a wizard, she comes from a long line of witches. These are just a few simple changes, but it totally flips the plot of the story and can provide you some great story ideas.

Research and Read
School projects and papers are nothing new to students. They get these assigned all the time. However, being able to research the topic online is something that was not possible two decades ago. Imagine being assigned to write a five-page paper on the Civil War. Before you even type out one word, you can find similar articles or papers already written on the internet. Once again, read these, borrow topics that you like from each one, and then construct your own paper based on information you have read. Of course, you can’t just copy the work. That would be plagiarism and can actually get you in some big trouble. You always have to write it in your own words and put your spin on it. But by researching what others wrote, it will give you a great idea on what to write about.


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— Liane