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RED NOSES: kids for kids

Joy through Reading


Young Heroes were Bring Joy through Reading. With the help of the association RED NOSES Clown Doctors, the publishing house Eko knjiga (specialising in kids stories about eco/moral values), and with support of national media like rtvslo.si/bansi and its elephant mascot who donated his books for a good cause, we organized various events with (early) reading activities and a nice dramaturgical play: Grouchy Ladybug. During these events we were collecting old books to be donated to the migration center with help of Red noses. Meanwhile, we sold a noteworthy amount of eco-books and the profits were donated to RED NOSES.

Storytelling & HD Library

Sveti Duh


Our first step was to draw attention to reading – Croatian celebrities, experts in linguistics, as well as HD students, shared their experiences about the effects early reading has had on their lives. Following that, storytelling workshops were organized for our younger students where we made props, read stories together, and created our own stories. Our older students read to younger children so they could feel what it’s like to be a young reading hero first-hand. We established a permanent library where our students can borrow and donate books and develop their reading abilities. READERS ARE LEADERS!

Baby Readers Are Leaders!

Baby readers


Italian moms know how important it is to instill the love of reading in their babies! These three lovely mothers decided to become teachers for a day and read the first three Sunny's stories during one of our bbs lessons!

Opava reads with helen doron

Little Batmen

Czech Republic

because reading is a treasure you keep within, there is no way someone can ever take it away from you we believe reading should be fun and the best way to enjoy it is outside on a sunny day... that day we not only had fun reading books, listening to stories and getting our faces nicely painted... we also collected a lot of books for children to lend out in our helen doron english center in opava.

fun with words and dots

Gifted readers

Bosnia and Herzegovina

our main idea was to show the importance and joy of reading. our students had a lot of fun touring the library and learning about the Braille alphabet. the library received more than 100 books from our students and in return, they had a memorable day. we divided the students into two groups. the younger ones listened to a story and got a chance to show their imagination and creativity through drawing. the older ones listened to Almedina Hodzic, reading a story in the braille alphabet and got a chance to show their knowledge in a quiz. Fun for everyone!!!

We love storytelling

Hd maksimir&ravnice


We opted for a two-part project to build joy and need for literature, but also provide reading material. Creating storytelling workshops for all age groups positively introduced the concept of stories as stimulating and fun. We also established an internal library with English literature for smaller children to teens, urging parents to participate as book donors. The children earned stickers for each book read by presenting a related drawing or written paragraph. The libraries or 'book corners' are to stay permanently, adding extra value to our Helen Doron community as a permanent 'Readers are Leaders' project.

Reading is fun-damental

Los Remedios - Guillena


Sailing the seven seas, visiting wonderland or even going to space! everything is possible with the power of reading! all our students have participated in these great workshops bringing books to our schools to help and support the NGO "Madre Coraje Sevilla" who is running a project in Perú to help poor communities.

Today reader tomorrow leader

LBL (Lviv Book leaders)


Teenagers think that reading is boring, not cool and old-fashioned. Also, books can be very expensive. That's why a volunteer group of teens "LBL (Lviv Book Leaders)" decided to organize and create a project "Today a Reader, tomorrow a Leader" in the multicentre "Fleshka". During the project, they made presentations in schools on new books about children’s playgrounds, they met with modern writers, discussed various books that they had already read with other teens from other cities. They also made paintings and souvenirs to sell at fundraisers. and even made videos to draw attention to books and reading.

the world of reading

books fan team


our main goal was to emphasize the importance of reading for children so we encouraged every child to donate books for orphan kids for a month. During this time, they could also borrow one of the donated books and read it. At the end of the donation period, we organized an event with storytelling, usborne books, reading fun activities, colouring bookmarks and celebrated the 170 books donated by them with a raffle and books for prizes. Of course. we donated all the books to the ngo who has volunteers going to orphanages and reading to children there.




We decided to have a reading Flash Mob downtown our city in order to develop community awareness on the importance and beauty of reading and donating books. All the participants had to read out loud at the same time the book that they had taken from home for 3 minutes. Each book was personalized with the donor's name and was then donated to a local Association that helps local families with their needs. We collected hundreds of books and many people are still bringing books to our school for us to donate. Reading is amazing, donating even more...

HD Library and Storytelling

Helen Doron Split


The goal of our Young Heroes project was to create a school library. During the past few months, teachers in our learning centre encouraged children to donate books and share their love of reading with their friends. We are happy to say that more than 80% of our students borrow and read the books from our little library. We have also held Storytelling workshops aimed at giving tips on how to develop a love of reading, and making reading a part of children's daily routine.

free library

book lovers


we had so much fun and we learned a lot!! if you have a book at home that you're not using anymore, bring it to the free library so that others can use it. that's what we did in velika gorica. and it was awesome. also, we left hand prints on the tree and later on put it on the school wall to keep reminding the students of the importance of reading and the creativity, fun and knowledge that come out of the whole process.

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