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Imagination world for kids



We have, through storytelling sessions, collected over 300 books for children in University children's clinic "Tirsova". Primary school Dragan Hercog holds lessons in major children's clinics, including "Tirsova", and our idea was to bring the world of imagination to the kids they are working with. Seeing the very limited resources they use to make their days and recovery faster and better, this is just the beginning of our efforts to help.

reading is fun



we organized storytelling sessions and all kids brought books as the" ticket" . they also invited their friends who are not our students and they also donated books. we collected many books new and second -hand and donated them to children's library in the hospital "dr zotovic" in belgrade. This project was interesting and educational for all our students. they enjoyed the storytelling lessons and we promoted the importance of reading and helping others.

read and grow

vogosca and visoko

Bosnia and Herzegovina

the campaign was carried out by organizing short story reading in our hd lc, and by collecting books together with the association, pricalice, which we donated to the local library afterwards. our Long term goal is to motivate children to visit the library as often as possible and get into the habit of borrowing books. our students and our fellow citizens joined us in our mission, and most importantly, we had a lot of fun!

Helen Doron Bookcrossing



Bookcrossing: What is it? It is practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise. Why do we need this? You can share your favorite books with other people and find many more to explore! Who can do this? Anyone who has books to share or has desire to take one:) Should I pay? No! You take any book for free and after bring it back to Helen Doron or leave in any other Bookcrossing spot in Lviv or in other spots all around the world!

I share. We gain.

Little bookworms


A great cause connected a small town. In just over a week, children from our learning centre and 5 kindergartens in the area donated 425 books in 4 languages! We set up a reading corner at the pediatrician's waiting room to promote reading in everyday situations. Most of the books were donated to underprivileged kids who love reading but didn't have the access to the books.

Readers are Leaders

HD Gajnice


As part of the project, we set up our very own library in the learning centre, where children can check out books in English. The most avid reader will get a prize, and as proof they've read the book, our students are to present us with either a drawing or a summary of the book. The second part of the project was a collaboration with the local library, where our teachers read books in English to groups of pre-schoolers. We prepared fun, educational games and activities connected to the story to engage them.


helen doron mostar

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bookfest is coming back! We decided to organise book exchanging and donating event for our two city libraries. We also had so much fun! Check it out!


HD siroki brijeg

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our mission was to bring the children with disabilities from the center „Marija, naša nada“ all the wonderful adventures found in books. With the help and enthusiastic support from the center's educators, we decided to create an audio book. We chose the fairytales by putting a strong emphasis on their potential use as tool in special education, wrote our own script, and the words on the pages came alive in such a fun and expressive way. We're happy that our little friends loved our enchanted talking book, and that everything books have to offer really does transmit well through sound.

reading enjoyment

sigel's children


our children really enjoyed the storytelling session with their teacher...

the little free library

the bookswappers


we have built a little free library that has been installed in the main city park thanks to the support of the municipality of santarcangelo di Romagna. the little free library is for children, teenagers and adults too. this project can inspire a love of reading and it builds community as everyone can donate a book and/or take a book at any time.

children's books for KIDS



Students of our learning center, in cooperation with their parents and friends, will collect and donate children's books for the children's oncology department at the Clinical Center of Vojvodina.

The journey towards title

Girls power

Czech Republic

My favourite sport and team together. Futnet and Modice. It's about last season -2017-. There is something about matches, tournaments, championships, players and fans. And there are lots of photos!

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