New Language, New World - 3.4K Likes

The team of teenage girls between 12 and 15 wrote and illustrated a book of our stories where they unveil their inner worlds. This book was published as an eBook and print book. We organized a launch book ceremony to honour their hard work. Please read the book and let us know how you liked it. In the second part of our project, we organized a reading session for students in our LC and also for the students of our partner elementary school to show that reading in English can be fun and joyful.

Leave the Phone, Take a Book, Slovakia -- 2.2K Likes

At Helen Doron Ružinov LC, we decided with our team of Literally Heroes to organize a bookfest and collect books for donation. First, we organized fun lessons about reading and heroes in books in our Learning Center. We cooperated with the community center, Cultus and we promoted the bookfest in local schools and kindergartens. Our Young Heroes promoted the event in their schools. During the bookfest, children could participate in fun activities, like creating bookmarks, creating funny sentences and other games. We managed to collect 89 books and we donated them to the local library and children's hospital.

The Book's Secret, Bulgaria - 1.2K Likes

We invited two of the most popular Bulgarian children’s authors to meet up with children and share the magic of storytelling and reading. We hosted 7 meetings, where they presented their books and inspired the kids to read. The children told, wrote & illustrated their own stories. They were encouraged to bring their friends and donate books. Over 500 books were collected and donated. We supported the Orange Centre Book Stores and Unicef Bulgaria initiative which aimed to donate books all over Bulgaria. The secret of the book was unveiled: Everyone can be a hero.