Why Kids Should Read Comic Books

http://www.helendoron.com/youngheroes/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/kidsreadcomicbooks.jpghttp://www.helendoron.com/youngheroes/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/kidsreadcomicbooks.jpgWhy Kids Should Read Comic Books

Comic books and superhero films have been blasting on to the scene over the last few years. It seems that each superhero film that comes out scores a bigger box office hit than the one previously. Marvel or DC, each one is a blockbuster. The Avengers, Justice League, Batman, Iron Man, and Thor are just a few of the more popular comic books and films. It is no wonder that kids are wanting to read about the characters they are seeing on the movie screen.

This has some concerned parents asking questions. Should their children be reading comic books in the first place? For some reason, reading comic books has often received a bad reputation. They used to be viewed as a substandard form of reading. Two huge comic books fans all through their youth and adult life were two of the most well known performers of all time. Elvis Presley and Dean Martin used to enjoy reading comic books even after they made it big. In fact, Elvis made the decision to dye his hair black partly because of the character Captain Marvel had his hair the same color. Nowadays, it is trendy to read comic books. Everyone is doing it.

Parents should not be concerned about their kids reading comic books. Just having them read something will make them become better readers. In addition, many English as a second language (ESL) learners are assigned comic books to read. The pictures added with the words make learning the plot of the story easier to understand. Plus, they are reading about characters that they already have some background knowledge on. And they will not be embarrassed by being assigned “little kid” picture books instead. Comic books are the perfect text to read when trying to learn another language.

Most comic books don’t use words that are difficult to understand either. This is perfect for kids that don’t have the strongest vocabulary. So if you are a parent, and you are worried about your kid reading comic books, then stop. There really is nothing to be worried about. They will be fully entertained by these interesting stories. Save those worries for something else that deserves it!


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