What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Read

What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Read

As parents, you have probably faced this problem at some point with your children. What do you do to make your child read when they just aren’t interested in doing so? There are several options to get them reading without the threat of punishment. Plus, it is important for them to read since the more they read, the more their comprehension skills grow and the better reader they will become. Follow these tips below to have your non-reader hitting the books more frequently.

Family Reading Time
If your child notices that they are not the only ones reading, then they will be more apt to pick up a book. Have a family reading time every night where everyone in the household has to be reading during this time. If your child notices you or your spouse reading for enjoyment, they will not consider reading as work.

Bedtime Reading
Developing a pattern is easy enough to do with kids. They have their set time to take their bath or shower every night. They know they must brush their teeth before getting in their bed. Having a bedtime reading pattern is just another one for them to continue doing. Most kids hate to go to bed for some reason. They fight it like they believe a big party erupts every night as soon as they nod off. So to take advantage of this, make it a requirement that they read for 15 minutes once they climb into bed every night. It really is a win-win situation. Most of the time, after their 15 minutes, they are ready to doze off.

Find Books that Interest Them
The main reason a child does not want to read is because the story or book just does not interest them much. Play upon their interests and find books that they will not want to put down. If they enjoy superheroes, then provide them with comic books. If they are interested in certain sports, visit the local library and check out some sports books at their reading level. Maybe they are crazy about animals? Find some books that have lovable creatures in them.

One of the things to keep in mind is to make reading fun for them. Don’t make it seem like work or as a punishment, or they will view it that way. Find books that they will not be able to put down, and soon they will be asking you for more reading time before they fall asleep


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