Read and Write

Helen Doron Read and Write

This programme teaches children how to read and write English in a fun, interactive, and entertaining way. The method employed in the programme  combines both the whole word approach and the phonic approach to learning English reading, spelling and writing.

Helen Doron Read and Write Series of Apps:

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Helen Doron Read

Your child will embark on a fun and exciting learning journey through original stories specifically designed to teach beginning English reading skills.web

There are a total of 32 books divided into 8 levels.  Each level includes 3 read-to-me books and 1 review book.  This 4th book isn’t recorded, so your child will need to show that he/she can actually read the words. This book also includes a recording feature for your child to practise reading aloud.

After he/she has worked with the first 3 books several times, you can let your child record and then play back the reading. Your child can record, listen and re-record as much as he/she wants.

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Helen Doron ABC Cards

This fun app for children teaches the English alphabet. Position your device over the Helen Doron ABC Magical Cards and watch the letters come to life. If you don’t already have your Helen Doron ABC Magical Cards, you can get them online here.

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