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Two Minutes with Helen Doron

  What is the best age to start learning a new language?

What is the best age to start learning a new language? The earlier the better, says Helen Doron. Babies are pre-programmed for learning language.


Help your child learn the alphabet with fun animations and great games.
Ask your Learning Centre for details.

doc_icon.png How Much English is Too Much?

Can children learn after a long and full academic school day?

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    From Helen Doron student to engineering student. Listen to Laura’s story.

Laura, currently a university student studying electrical engineering and information technology in Germany, shares her experiences about Helen Doron English and how her 6 years as a young learner helped her both personally and professionally.


Stay in the Game with Ella Doron

Even more Seriously Fun Learning!

This song, part of the Teen English programme, has an important message about staying true to who you are.


Now you can enjoy your favourite stories told by Helen Doron’s own mother. Traditional stories beautifully illustrated and available on Tiny Tap. Try it now.
The first story is free, the first month is free — enjoy! Thereafter, it costs only $6.99 monthly to explore the extensive Tiny Tap library.

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Make sure you have a healthy breakfast before you go to school.

Stay healthy with The Sport Song.

Have hours of enjoyment with Fun with Flupe… Download and enjoy these free colouring pages.


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