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  • English for kids 2-6English for kids 2-6
    Kids 3-6

    Kids master spoken English in two Fun with Flupe courses while following the adventures of Granny Fix, Paul Ward and Flupe.

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  • Family learn English
    English ONLINE

    Entertaining extra-curricular activities help kids improve their English outside the classroom.

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Kids 3 – 6

At Helen Doron English we focus on providing a wide variety of sensory experiences that provide a natural environment in which young children absorb an English accent, practise their first words and accumulate vocabulary. This is done by having fun through music, movement, games, and a lot of nurturing.

Fun with Flupe for Kids 3-6

Fun with Flupe follows the adventures of young Paul Ward as he jumps into his book of nursery stories to help jolly Granny Fix and bouncy, lovable Flupe repair things that have gone wrong in the world of rhymes—all while learning spoken English.

Through their adventures young Helen Doron students learn a basic vocabulary of 650 words, correct pronunciation, and the fundamentals of English sentence structure. The course includes 25 songs in 12 animated adventures.

Fun with Flupe is appropriate for beginner students or also as a follow up to Baby’s Best Start or It’s a Baby Dragon.


Fun with Flupe Learning Set

Where Children Come First

Kids have Fun with Flupe!

Familiar Nursery Rhymes teach English 

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More Fun with Flupe for Kids 4-6

More Fun with Flupe is the follow-up course to Fun with Flupe with 12 new episodes of the adventures of Paul Ward, Granny Fix and Flupe. Kids just can’t wait to find out how they solve problems of the fairies, magicians and dragons they meet along their way. More Fun with Flupe teaches 650 words and 25 songs and can be taken by children who complete Fun with Flupe.

“Any doubt I had about my 3 year old starting to learn English was completely gone after the first time we took Marko abroad when he was 5. To our surprise, he  spoke confidently to foreigners in English.”

Sikanic N. Belgrade, Serbia


More Fun with Flupe Learning Set


New! Nat and Friends 5-6

This new Helen Doron English course is suitable for beginning students and teaches them to speak English with confidence. The course is also appropriate for continuing students who have completed the Fun with Flupe series8 entertaining and original videos introduce students to Polly the Collie and Nat the Cat who travel the world together. Along the way, they meet new friends, such as Little Red Riding Hood or the Three Pigs, from familiar children’s classics, and help them solve problems and save the day in each episode.


Nat and Friends Learning Set


Polly Reads and Writes for Kids 5-9

Polly Reads and Writes is a new and unique course that includes both in-class and at-home learning materials. Suitable for beginning students or students who have completed Fun with Flupe or More Fun with Flupe, children learn to speak, read and write English with confidence as they follow the adventures of Polly the Collie, Nat the Cat, Roy the Boy and Pearl the Girl.

In-class instruction is complemented by a downloadable reading app with 32 interactive books divided into 8 levels which advance as the child progresses and learns. The app allows the child to work independently outside of the classroom, practising important language learning skills. Each shelf of 4 interactive books corresponds to one book to reinforce reading and to teach writing. Children complete the course with a wonderful amount of knowledge.


Polly Reads and Writes

Mother-Tongue Methodology

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