Helen Doron Early English For Children

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Growth in the supplemental education franchise market is bigger than ever, and parents around the world trust the Helen Doron name and learning system.

What do trauma-free childbirth and violin lessons have to do with early English for children?

Find out how Helen Doron has combined her potent skills as a linguist, passion for teaching children, and a dose of inspiration from the works of renowned experts in philosophy, music and even medicine, to successfully create her groundbreaking Early English learning system; a 'high ability' natural method for teaching mother-tongue level English to children in an exciting, nurturing, and fun environment.

"Commitment to optimizing a child's emotional, physical, cognitive and intellectual wellbeing”, these are the guiding principles that Helen Doron shares with her long-time friend and mentor, Dr. Leboyer, author of "Birth Without Violence”, a revolutionary work hailed as "One of the twenty books that changed the world”. The far-reaching implications of his teachings for improving the quality of human life are also represented in the Helen Doron Early English learning system.

But Helen Doron isn't just an educator, she is also a mother. As most parents the world over, she is concerned for her children's academic success and enrichment. In the process of researching violin lessons for her daughter, Helen became intrigued by the famed Suzuki Method of violin learning, which closely associates learning music with language study.

What do trauma-free childbirth and violin lessons have to do with early English For Children?

Dr. Suzuki realized that children everywhere learn to speak their native language with ease, and he began to apply basic principles of language acquisition to learning music. He called his method 'the mother-tongue approach'. Helen understood the importance of this principle in teaching English, and along with Suzuki's ideals of parent responsibility, loving encouragement and constant repetition, absorbed them into the building blocks of the Helen Doron Early English system.

In 1985, Helen took her visionary perceptions about teaching English to children from non-English speaking countries one step further. She began practicing her unique educational method with small groups of children, using her own homemade store of song cassettes, rhymes and stories - and the results were amazing. Helen's new system created an English-speaking environment that successfully mimicked the quick natural process of mother tongue learning, and what's more, the children loved it.

An increasing demand for her teaching methods prompted Helen to found her first Early Child Development Centre; however no one could have anticipated then how swiftly it would become an international phenomenon. Today a vibrant network of close to 500 Helen Doron Early English Learning Centres worldwide are acknowledged for their academic excellence, dedicated teachers, and fun-filled classes - cultivating children's natural love of learning to enable them to speak and understand English as if it's their native tongue.

Heading the company as CEO, Helen travels the world consulting with her fellowship of specially trained English teachers in dozens of countries, and works closely with her professional in-house staff to produce and update fresh, fun learning programs and exciting high quality teaching materials. The Helen Doron Early English learning system has benefited nearly a million babies, toddlers and children throughout the world for over 25 years, and continues to grow.

British-born Helen Doron is an internationally renowned linguist with a long list of qualifications, including an MA in Linguistics.

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Did you know?

Job satisfaction is alive and well at Helen Doron, where teachers report being more fulfilled than with ordinary esl business jobs, or other types of business English teaching positions they’ve held in the past.